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Brooks & Dunn's Greatest Hits Collection, Vol. 2 picks up where their first hits compilation left off: in 1998, with the album If You See Her, and runs until 2004, when Vol. 2 was released. During this time, the duo's popularity never waned, although the quality of their output fluctuated a little bit, before they made an artistic comeback in the early 2000s, culminating with the fine 2003 album, Red Dirt Road. Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 camouflages this erratic output by concentrating ...

1 That's What It's All About [#] McEwan, Wiseman 4:00
2 How Long Gone Camp, Sherrill 3:40
3 Ain't Nothing 'Bout You Rutherford, Shapiro 3:37
4 The Long Goodbye Brady, Keating 4:25
5 My Heart Is Lost to You Beavers, Harrington 2:58
6 I Can't Get Over You Dunn, McBride 4:06
7 Red Dirt Road Brooks, Dunn 4:20
8 Husbands and Wives Miller 3:10
9 That's What She Gets for Loving Me Dunn, McBride 2:54
10 You Can't Take the Honky Tonk Out of the Girl Allmand, DiPiero 3:28
11 It's Getting Better All the Time [#] Bowman, Cook 4:14
12 Only in America Brooks, Cook, Rogers 4:29
13 A Man This Lonely Dunn, James 3:34
14 Independent Trucker [#] Stapleton, Steele 3:00
15 I'll Never Forgive My Heart Dillon, Dunn, Dunn 3:20
16 If You See Him/If You See Her James, Kimball, McBride 3:58

Composed by: James, Kimball, McBride
Performed by: Brooks & Dunn, Reba McEntire
17 South of Santa Fe Boone, Brooks, Nelson 3:51

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